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Sol Power's Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

$0 Down Payment

Pay For The Power at a much lower Pre-Determined Rate with no tiers and no TOU Time of Use

  • Immediate Savings From Day 1
  • Solar as a Service is a Simple, Cheap, and Worry-Free
  • Insurance, Repair, and Maintenance of the System is Included
  • Web Enabled Monitoring at No Additional Cost
  • Transfers Easily to New Owners if you Move
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PPA Frequently Asked Questions

With a solar PPA you agree to have a solar system installed on your roof at no cost to you, and to purchase the power your system generates over 25 years at a discounted, pre-determined rate. We own the solar panels, not the homeowner, so instead of paying for the system, you pay a much lower rate for your energy that the panels produce. At the end of the Year, you may also receive a credit from the utility company!
At the end of the 25 year term, you may have the system removed for free, upgrade to a new system and sign a new agreement, renew your agreement, or buy the system for at an extremely low rate.
If you move, you may transfer the agreement (with the low rate you agreed upon) to the new Homeowner, buy the system outright, or prepay the expected remaining payments.
Yes your payment is fixed annually. Your system is guaranteed to produce the power we say it will or you get a check for the difference however, this is extremely rare. IF you produce more power than was quoted to you, you keep the utility credit and are not charged for the over production. You pay the same every month. No more surprises! Your rate by law cannot go up more than 2.99% per year. On a $130 a month bill, 2.99% is $3.88.
No. Sunrun owns and maintains the system for you so… They get the credit for providing the system.
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In order to help you install the most efficient & productive solar system for your home, we will need to get an accurate sense of how much energy your home actually uses on a daily basis to determine the best sized solar system to meet your annual needs.


Your information is 100% safe with Sol Power. The only thing we could do with the information we gather is pay your energy bill for you! While we aren’t offering to do that, we are here to help significantly lower your energy costs by doing the math it takes to provide the cleanest & most efficient supply of energy we can for your home and your family. 


Option One: 

You can scan your utility bill or use your phone to take Screen Shots of the past twelve months of your utility cycle and put them in a labeled file/album; then upload the album attachment. 

Option Two:

 You can go online and download your utility bill for the previous year and upload it as an attachment. 

Option Three: 

You can call the Utility Company and authorize Sol Power access to review your past twelve months of energy usage.



Welcome to Sol Power! If you have received our Survey Qualification Information Hanger or have been referred to us by a friend or family member, your home is qualified for the Solar Savings Program. Are you looking to lower your energy costs and make a positive impact on our planet? Scheduling your Solar Survey is the first necessary step.

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